Here are some examples of what a few artists have produced using my custom tracks.

Ben from Strings By Mail used one of my drum tracks for a D'Addario strings review.

Click here to watch the youtube video and hear what he did with my drum track.

  Here are 2 tunes from the "Wrecking Ball" cd I recorded with Johnny Lokke. These tunes also feature Stefan Leibing from the band Primal Fear on the guitar leads.

Down to London


Human Race

D.O.A. was the companion cd to Wrecking Ball. John and I recorded 9 of his favorite cover tunes and threw in one original - the title cut.

Hell Bent for Leather - Judas Priest


Natural Thing - U.F.O.


Don't Believe a Word - Thin Lizzy


D.O.A. -Johnny Lokke


This is a track I recorded for Chris Watson of the NWOBHM band Black Rose, featuring Roy Bratbakken on vocals.


Chris Watson - I Don't Need Nobody