Are you tired of fighting with drum loops? Are you tired of trying to program drum parts that don't come out the way you want? By the time you find and assemble the different parts or hits, many times the magic moment has passed. Especially if you are looking for hard rock and heavy metal loops, which are almost non-existant. It can be a real mood killer...

Over the years I've worked with dozens of guitarists and songwriters who struggled with the same process... trying to decide what kind of beat they wanted, where the fills should go, etc., and not being a drummer, more times than not they ended up frustrated and stuck in a recording mess that didn't groove or feel right.

They eventually found that it was easier to write to a completed track performed by a real drummer, and then customize the drum track to meet their ideas. This is how I work with many people today. I give them a drum track with the basic song structure, they jam with it, and then I customize the track to fit the particular song they write.

I have assembled 16 drum tracks in a basic song structure (verse/chorus/verse) for you to write over. These tracks are studio quality stereo WAV files for you to use however you want - professionally recorded at the Precision Drum Studio. Now you can finally get down to business and do what you want to do in the first place - make music with a real drummer!



Click the audio player to listen to an edited example of each track. The beats per minute and length of the full track is listed. I will include the outline of the track on the download page for you. You can order individual tracks separately for $2.95 each, or you can order the complete volume at the bottom of the page.


Track 1 - 120bpm - 4:20.

Track 2 - 150bpm - 3:00.

Track 3 - 230bpm - 3:25.


Track 4 - 110bpm - 4:35.


Track 5 - 275bpm - 3:00.


Track 6 - 100bpm - 4:35.


Track 7 - 105bpm - 4:12.


Track 8 - 185bpm - 2:50.


Track 9 - 115bpm - 3:15.


Track 10 - 175bpm - 3:06.


Track 11 - 105bpm - 3:25.


Track 12 - 130bpm - 4:40.


Track 13 - 130bpm - 3:40.


Track 14 - 62bpm - 4:25.


Track 15 - 128bpm - 4:27.


Track 16 - 118bpm - 3:30.

Order the complete Volume 1 DOWNLOAD for only $24.95!
All drum track downloads are 24bit stereo WAV files for the highest quality.
I will email you a download page within 24 hours of receipt of order!
Complete drums clients receive a 20% discount off recording rates when using one of my origianl drum tracks!