"When I got back into the music game 15 years ago, there was only one person I called to lay down drum tracks for me...and that was Scot. I knew that he was going to give me what I needed, it was going to sound great, and it was going to be done fast. He still is the best in the business, and he's still the first one I turn to when I need great sounding drum tracks."

Johnny Lokke - Independent Recording Artist



"WOW! Excellent, full of life and movement! Better than I expected. Very professional mix too!
Precision Drum Studio was very helpful in guiding me through the process step by step. Scot's playing is excellent and I was glad that I asked for his creative input; it made my song come alive. His recording is very professional and he uses great mics and recording equipment. I received my track earlier than promised and was very happy with his work."

Nick 11 - Hollywood, CA


"We needed studio drum tracks to back product demos, and were not satisfied with the beats and loops we were finding online. Rather than the usual 4-time rock tracks, we wanted odd meters, over a range of tempos, with clarity and an edge that would make our demos sound live.

We were fortunate to find Scot at rockdrumtracks.com. After explaining the sound signatures we wanted, he quickly delivered sample tracks for approval, and then recorded custom drum tracks that were exactly what we needed, for a very reasonable cost. We could not be happier!

It's great to work with a professional that is not only an accomplished performer, but also a business partner who listens to his clients. We will be back again..."

Mike Coffin, owner
Valhalla Amplification
Paso Robles, CA



"Scot is the consumate professional always bringing total dedication and energy to every drum track that he has provided for me. Whenever I am having a conversation with a fellow musician that pertains to recording, Scot's name always comes up as my top recommendation for live complete drum tracks. The turnaround time from song request to completed drum track has always been prompt and exceeded my expectations."

Mike Crossland
Sherman Texas


Scot, this new drum track KILLS! Love it, you're a total pro and have a natural sense for finding just what the song needs, hope to create more rockin tunes with you soon!

Steve Clark - Loveland, CO



I must say Scot your very professional, not only in the way you play the drums, but also with how fast you respond to requests and orders. I ordered and paid for these 14 tracks from your inventory at 23:30 GMT and you contacted me telling me that they were ready to download at 00:40 GMT. You really can't get much better service than that. Keep up the fantastic work you doing.

Daren Constance - UK


"You combine great techniques with great 'feel'. Makes your drumming much more than just bashing around and more than just showing off your skills. It gives your music a real heart. And everytime I'm also impressed by the quality of your recording. Whenever your next CD is ready, you can put me straight on your order list!"

Egbert Kruijver
The Netherlands



"The drums are FREAKIN AWESOME!!!!! They sound gigantic! I couldn't have asked for anything better - even at ten times the price! Thanks man! Satisfied customer!"

Jamie Barnhart
Oklahoma City, OK



"Scot, thank you so much for sending me your drum tracks. I have found them to be very professionally done and a nice workout for me as a bass player to practice with. Thanks again!"

Steve Markuson
Corona, CA



"Fantastic tracks! Just what I had in mind...real drums! I have been playing along with the tracks and they really work well. The hihat click works perfect, it helps keep my timing right on. I am very pleased with the results. I look forward to hearing more!"

Alan Woods
South Pekin, IL



"I bought the Hard Rock Drums Volume 1 cd - it was an awesome recording! Thanks allot for the fast transaction! Pleasure doing business!"

John Lynn
Harrison, NJ



"I received the cd today. Wow! I cannot thank you enough! I've spent the last two hours playing with the drum tracks. This is going to be a huge help to my practie schedule! Can you tell me when volume two will be available? Please keep my email and let me know. I want a copy of it asap! THANKS!"

Steven John
Fremont, OH



"Thanks Scot this is exactly what I have been looking for!"

Bob Boos
Euclid, OH



"I received the packet and I have already finished a song with one of the tracks. You are a top notch drummer!"

Mark Auer
Halsey, OR



"I got your tracks in the mail today and you did a superb job!"

Donnie Whitaker
Leakesville, MS



"Thanks LOADS Scot, I've downloaded the track and it's AMAZING! Gonna play with it and have some fun! Thanks Buddy. YOU ROCK!!"

Mark Walby
United Kingdom



"The drum tracks are awesome, I'm really having fun playing with them! Looking forward to the metal tracks you are working on, let me know the minute they are ready!"

Martin Woodall
Macon, GA



"Thanks for a great quality and well priced cd!"

Mark Colton
United Kingdom



"My name is Aaron West and I just purchased the Hard Rock Drums. I love it!"

Aaron West
Lindon, MI



"I love you man! I was just sitting here thinking: 'I bet there's a dude that does that, google it.' Sure enough! And reasonable pricing too! Awesome!"

Dustin Roller